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1. Cooperation

In every new case, we cooperate closely with our clients as equal partners. To ensure that this collaboration is efficient and to produce the best results, we make sure that there is active cooperation and complete transparency between us.

Endrös-Baum Associés are bound by the rules of professional ethics for lawyers, and in particular those of the Paris Chamber of Lawyers.

2. Fees

The fees of EBA are calculated on a time basis. For all lawyers in the firm, the hourly rate is 295 euros. This hourly rate covers the work of the lawyers, paralegals and secretaries and also all standard costs of telecommunications, post and photocopying. Travel expenses and payments to third parties (courts, authorities, bailiffs, instructing lawyers at higher courts and in other locations) will be charged separately.

Endrös-Baum Associés supplies monthly invoices with precise details of the work done and time spent. In this way we help you to monitor and adjust your time and cost as transparently as possible.

In France, lawyers' fees are not paid by the other party. Each party bears its own lawyers' fees and costs. At its own discretion, the court may make a lump-sum order for the losing party to pay the winning party's costs, but this is generally nominal and does not cover the costs and fees actually incurred.

3. Liability and limitation of liability

Our professional liability insurance cover is for 32,000,000 euros per claim and per year.

Our liability is restricted to the amount of the insurance benefit.

If the risk of a case is higher than the insurance amounts stated, we will be happy to discuss the matter with you at any time and then obtain additional insurance cover.