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The firm

Endrös-Baum Associés – EBA specialises in international and Franco-German work

Endrös-Baum Associés, EBA for short, deals with the questions, plans, problems, projects, difficulties and visions of international enterprises and companies with interests in France. We do so promptly, efficiently, purposefully and pragmatically, at a reasonable cost. This enables you to conduct your business transactions and legal proceedings free of legal risks or in full knowledge of the risks involved.

International companies operating in France often encounter communication difficulties. These may arise from language differences, or from different cultures, or from the sometimes substantial differences in substantive and procedural law.

Detailed knowledge of the foreign legal system and an understanding of linguistic and cultural differences are necessary if you want to have businesslike and efficient dealings and well-organised international negotiations with French counterparts. This applies in particular to intra-company communication between parent and subsidiary, to entering into business agreements and to negotiating contracts, where it may be necessary for lawyers to intervene as intermediaries.

Endrös-Baum Associés – EBA: History

Endrös-Baum Associés is the notional continuation in Paris of a legal tradition now in its third generation, starting with the attorney Justin Baum in Aschaffenburg in the year 1928, followed by the attorneys Edith Endrös-Baum and Dr. Herbert Endrös in Munich.

EBA’s practice areas

Endrös-Baum Associés has a major practice area in the field of general commercial law, in particular in cases of industrial risk, construction law, plant construction, industrial product liability, and the related insurance law.

Negotiating and drafting contracts

Endrös-Baum Associés advises on drafting and negotiating contract in general business law, in particular in the law of plant construction and in entering into international industrial supply agreements.

Consultancy and conducting proceedings

Endrös-Baum Associés gives advice and assistance and coordinates contract and claims management proceedings in the field of supply contracts, in construction law and plant construction, from the stage of entering into contracts with public or private clients through to subcontracts, including questions of insurance and liability.

Corporate law services

Endrös-Baum Associés also practises in corporate law and gives advice and assistance on company formations, mergers and the acquisition or sale of enterprises, in close cooperation with accountants and auditors.

Long-term cooperation with expert witnesses and European commercial law firms

We have worked together for many years with French court-appointed experts and European party-appointed experts. This means we have a broad international approach to the cases we deal with. We work at the interfaces between law and technology and between language and culture; we work in several languages and we offer prompt assistance locally.

Endrös-Baum Associés cooperates closely with commercial law firms all over Europe, mainly in German, French and English, but also in Danish, Hebrew, Russian and Portuguese.